Delaware police report:

A girl punched another girl in the head during lunch Tuesday afternoon at Delaware Hayes High School. The school resource officer reported that he was standing in the lunchroom when he heard some commotion and turned to see the girls fighting. The officer separated the girls, who did not sustain any serious injuries. According to the girls, the dispute was related to an ongoing feud that started the day before. The parents of the girl who threw the punch were contacted and an assault charge was forwarded to Delaware County Juvenile Court.

A brother and sister were fighting at an apartment on East Winter Street Wednesday just after 1 a.m. Their mother contacted police. Officers learned the fight was over damage done to an air mattress. The mother said her son grabbed his sister during the fight. The son is on probation with the Delaware County Juvenile Court and court staff determined that terms of his probation had been violated. He was arrested and held at the Juvenile Detention Center on a disorderly conduct charge and unruly juvenile charge.

A man received messages from a stranger on Facebook Wednesday afternoon. Police report the messages were not threatening in any way but the man said the sender is not who he claims to be.

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