Letter to the editor: ‘Honest dialogue requires more than he offers’


To the editor:

Just back home, I’ve read Stefan Schemine’s “response” (“Do you think these are good things for America?”, Feb. 15) to my recent Gazette letter. “Response” is in quotes because it fails to address my letter’s issue.

My focused concern was the reality that ISIS is a radicalized form of Islam that we must confront philosophically. I was dismayed that GOP presidential wannabes don’t understand this. They only mocked President Obama’s responsible efforts to build bridges.

Mr. Schemine comments on that only obliquely. He did explaterate his usual shibboleths of broad generalizations and unsubstantiated claims. Honest dialogue requires more than he offers.

It’s time he and I have coffee again. If he’s up to it, I invite him to call.

William A. McCartney



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