Letter to the editor: ‘The growth of tennis as a sport in Delaware’


To the editor:

With the recent warm weather spurt, thoughts of spring and summer are upon us. As a longtime tennis player, it is exciting to see and witness the growth of tennis as a sport in Delaware, its potential as a wonderful family activity, and the development of the area teams.

(I) Would like to give a shout-out to some of those helping to make this possible and thank them for their promotion of the sport. Tom Holman, Stacy Davenport and the YMCA are among those with the city who got the Smith Park courts resurfaced and the courts at Mingo rebuilt. The Delaware school teams are on the rise, with new courts as well, led by athletic director Steve Glesenkamp and coaches Richard Hunt and Dede Hibinger.

The OWU tennis program is looking stronger and working to involve the community more with coach Rob Postma.

Add in a few local citizens like Bob Claymeyer and Bob Clump, who lend their strong support to the game, and the many parents of kids who are beginning to recognize the lifetime benefits that tennis can bring.

Thanks to these and many others. See you at the courts!

Gary Hibinger



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