County commissioners OK courthouse documentation


Delaware County commissioners approved a contract for project documentation at the new county courthouse at a rare Leap Day meeting on Monday, Feb. 29.

Multivista, an international company which has a location in Westerville, “is the world’s leading photographic construction documentation and indexing company,” its website said.

“This will provide us with photo documentation and as-builts (changes to the blueprints) of the new judicial building,” said Jon Melvin, manager of facilities. “Multivista will come in immediately and start taking photo documentations that are pinned to the drawings, and document the whole progression this year and next year of the building construction.”

The documentation could help assist contractors who need to make future repairs to the courthouse.

“In the future, if you need to come back and wonder, where does the power come in and how deep is it, we’ll be able to click on the drawings, click on the points, and pull up any photos referenced to that exact location within the building,” Melvin said.

“Is this fairly standard now in construction?” asked commissioner Jeff Benton.

“We’ve never utilized a service like this,” Melvin said. “I can tell you of one instance with the Hayes Building, this would have been very handy as when we did the remodel for the juvenile court building. We were trying to recall where the electrical service came into the building and how deep it was.”

He went on to say that they had had an idea where the service ran, but not precisely.

“With this service, we would be able to go to that room. There will be points on the plans, click on that, and see a progression of photos throughout the construction of the building. They’ll show all the mechanicals and where they run. It’s rather expensive, but I think it’s very valuable.”

Multivista would provide their services for $22,306, taking photos eight times a month, twice a week. The photos would be the property of the county.

“They’ll be on site regularly to make sure they don’t miss something that gets covered up,” Melvin said.

Commissioners also approved change orders on a new telephone system for county offices. The new system, which costs $488,595.89 (including the changes), has been in place for two weeks.

“We squeezed the life out of the old system,” said Commissioner Gary Merrell.

“Since 2003, we’ve been running on spare parts,” Melvin said.

The new provider is Parallel Technologies Inc. on Blazer Parkway in Dublin. Parallel’s LinkedIn page said it is “the largest privately held voice and data communications company throughout the state of Ohio.”

Caissons are being installed at the new county courthouse. The caissons are hitting bedrock at 15 feet, said manager of facilities Jon Melvin. are being installed at the new county courthouse. The caissons are hitting bedrock at 15 feet, said manager of facilities Jon Melvin.

Gary Budzak | The Gazette

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