Final book in local author’s ‘Rothston’ series published


Delaware resident Terri-Lynne Smiles recently published the final book in her four-book series, “The Rothston Series.”

The series follows Kinzie Nicolosi, a young woman who learns that she belongs to a select group of people, known as “adepts.”

These adepts are able to control the decisions of people around them and, consequently, to shape human history.

The final novel in the series, “Common Ground,” deals with the consequences of revealing the existence of adepts to the rest of the world.

Smiles said that she has written “a sort of romping, adventurous storyline but, at the same time, I try to give the readers a little more to think about.” According to Smiles, the series forces readers to face “the allure of power” and the question of if and when it is acceptable to “influence” the decisions of others and “is there a line?”

“Hogwarts meets Hunger Games” is how one Amazon reviewer described the feel of the series. Smiles agreed with this description and said she has drawn inspiration from the creator of Hogwarts herself, J.K. Rowling. Smiles said that Rowling has inspired her with “her insertion of magic into our daily lives.”

The special powers of the adepts in Smiles’ series are based on quantum physics which, Smiles said, “helps with the suspension of disbelief.” It is also this scientific basis that has led Smiles to refer to the series as “science fantasy.”

Smiles said she has been writing since she was a child and she has “always created characters,” but it wasn’t until over two decades as a healthcare lawyer that she decided to pursue writing full time. She said she decided “I just have to give it a shot and, so far, so good.”

Although her first series has come to an end, Smiles intends to continue writing. “I think if you are a creative writer it is just something you have to do,” she said. Currently, Smiles is working on a psychological thriller.

“Common Ground” and the rest of the Rothston series are available through many online vendors, including The books can also be found at Destination Discount Books in Delaware.


By Megan Neary

For The Gazette

Megan Neary can be reached at [email protected].

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