City of Delaware publishes newsletter


City of Delaware residents opening their March utility bills may have noticed an additional piece of paper inserted in the envelope — a newsletter.

“Residents should get used to seeing these progress reports,” said Lee Yoakum, community affairs coordinator. “The plan going forward is to do these every three months. The next one will probably be the end of June.”

The inaugural spring 2016 issue has articles about city parks, a transportation plan and meter upgrades.

“You want the information to be timely, but it’s also good if the product has a shelf life,” Yoakum said. “Our challenge is to come up with information residents need about events and programs.”

The progress report is produced in-house, with a run of about 13,000.

“It’s another tool in our communications toolbox, and one that, quite frankly, we may have overlooked over the last few years, embracing the new smartphone technologies and apps,” he said.

One of the findings of a community attitudes survey conducted by the city in 2015 showed that residents still liked print.

“We forget sometimes that some people still like to receive their information in a printed format.”

In addition to the newsletter, the city communicates in a number of ways, including: a website; electronic e-news; Facebook; Instagram (also new); LinkedIn; Pinterest; Twitter; YouTube; community briefs on the utility bills; plus advertisements and news releases to media outlets.

By Gary Budzak

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