Nicole Fowles: Library can help you with your taxes


The April 15 (or April 18 this year) deadline for submitting your taxes is looming. If you’re a “last-minute filer” looking for some assistance, you’re in luck with resources from your local Delaware County District Library branch.

As you walk into each DCDL location, you’ll see a limited quantity of instruction booklets for IRS federal forms, Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ, as well as some Ohio forms and booklets. In the case that any branch has run out of the supply of forms, our librarians are happy to print one copy of any form or schedule for you at no charge. Of course, if you choose to file online, you can also use the library’s computers, laptops and free wireless internet.

While our librarians are not able to offer tax assistance for your specific filings, we can point you in the right direction for organizations and volunteer individuals who can. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites are located in Delaware County at the Woodward Family Resource Center, Goodwill of Delaware, and Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities. VITA programs offer free tax help to individuals with disabilities, limited English language skills and who meet certain income and age qualifications.

Additionally, AARP’s Tax-Aide offers free, individualized tax preparation for low- to moderate-income taxpayers, especially those 60 and older. You can make an appointment at Delaware County locations like SourcePoint, Andrews House and the Dublin Community Center.

For more details on any of the tax services mentioned above, visit and you can see specific times, locations and phone numbers, or stop in or call the library at 740-362-3861 and ask one of our librarians for assistance. While you’re in, check out some of our new titles on the shelves:

• “As Time Goes” by Mary Higgins Clark. Television journalist Delaney Wright tries to find her birth mother just as she is assigned to cover the high-profile trial of a woman accused of murdering her wealthy husband.

• “Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice” by Curtis Sittenfeld. Returning with her sister, Jane, to their Ohio hometown when their father falls ill, New York magazine editor Lizzy Bennett confronts challenges in the form of her younger sisters’ football fangirl antics, a creepy cousin’s unwanted attentions and the infuriating standoffish manners of a handsome neurosurgeon.

• “A Murder in Time” by Julie McElwain. While attempting to flee an assassin, Kendra Donovan, a rising star at the FBI, inadvertently travels back to 1815 and becomes involved in discovering the identity of a vicious serial killer, without the benefit of her 21st century tools.

• “Callings” by Dave Isay. The founder of StoryCorps describes the amazing, true stories of people who are doing what they love and making a difference, including a man from a Texas barrio who became a public defender and a waitress who makes everyone feel at home.

• “Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting” by Lesley Stahl. The journalist describes the transformative experience of becoming a grandparent, sharing personal anecdotes while drawing on interviews with scientists, doctors and celebrity friends to explore the evolutionary and anthropological influences of grandparenting.

Nicole Fowles

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