Silverglade now at Anthony Dental Care


Sunbury dentist Dr. David Anthony said because of the Big Walnut area’s growth, Anthony Dental Care is growing to meet demand.

The latest addition to the Anthony Dental Care staff is Dr. David Silverglade, a pediatric dentistry specialist.

A Chicago native, Silverglade did dentistry at Northwestern University of Chicago, undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, postgraduate work at Ohio State University and Children’s Hospital, and owned a practice on the east side of Columbus since 1975 where he specialized in children’s dentistry.

“Years ago I used to say I was from Chicago, but I’ve been in central Ohio so long now that I can honestly say I’m from Columbus,” Silverglade said.

While with Anthony Dental Care, where he will initially spend two days each week on staff, Silverglade said he would do a little of both — pediatric and adult dentistry — but he said he has always found working with children easy and rewarding.

“A child is a clean slate, and just plain fun to work around,” Silverglade said. “And when I’m done and the child’s dental needs are taken care of, I find it very rewarding.”

Anthony said that because of the number of young families moving into the Sunbury area, there’s a need for a pediatric dentist. The closest one is in Westerville. He said that Silverglade would eventually share the space occupied by orthodontist Dr. Phillip Beckwith in the Anthony Dental Care building.

“That space will be for orthodontics and pediatrics, but Dr. Silverglade will be an employee of Anthony Dental,” Anthony said. “We’re really excited to have Dr. Silverglade here in Sunbury. He’s very pleasant, fun to be around, and a gentleman. He will be a nice fit for the pediatric dental needs in our area.”

Silverglade said he’s looking forward to working in the growing Anthony Dental Care practice.

“I was solo before,” he said. “Here’s there’s an opportunity to have colleagues right there. I get to see a lot of interesting things, almost on a daily basis; and this is a pleasant environment, working with Dr. Dave. It’s a big job in a large practice with over 40 employees. I’m enjoying it and looking forward to the future.”

Silverglade and his, wife Terrie, have six children between them, and nine grandchildren. He said that in his spare time he enjoys traveling, photography, woodworking and painting.

Anthony Dental Care is located at 257 W. Granville St. in Sunbury.

Silverglade Lenny C. Lepola | For The Gazette

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