Delaware police report:

A man was threatened for making noise in the area of West Central Avenue Friday night. A man told police he was walking along the 100 block of Central Avenue and a man on a nearby porch yelled at him because of some noise he was making. The man continued walking and was later stopped by the man who yelled at him. The man who stopped him reportedly took out a knife and threatened him before leaving. Police went to the address and found the man who allegedly made the threats. Police said they found a knife matching the victim’s description and took the man into custody. The suspect denied making any threats but police said other witnesses’ statements indicated that he did.

A mother asked police to check on her 17-year-old daughter after she didn’t return home Friday night. The mother told police she believed her daughter was at an address on Woodland Avenue and might be drinking alcohol. Officers arrived at the residence and found several underage parties inside drinking. Summonses were issued to them to appear for underage consumption.

Police were searching for a wanted man at an address on South Franklin Street Saturday around 2:30 a.m. Police said the man was wanted by Columbus police for burglary and police believed he was at the South Franklin address. The resident told police no one else was at the home. After a search, police found the man hiding in the home. He was placed under arrest for the outstanding warrant and transferred to the custody of Columbus police. An obstructing justice investigation is underway in connection with the resident.

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