Letter to the editor: ‘An increase to 2 percent simply too much’


To the editor:

The article that appeared April 21 (“Permanent road levy could go on ballot”) tells the story of an attempted money grab by our city elders. No one wants roads in need of repair but a $2.2 million per year tax increase is a preposterous request of which to burden taxpayers.

At the council meeting I attended in March, it was almost immediately determined this would be a permanent rather than fixed duration levy. Our council members seemed almost euphoric when the new revenue stream was discussed. The tax burden on Delaware citizens was only mentioned as an afterthought.

Now they are trying to convince (dare I call it propaganda?) citizens of the need to give up their hard-earned money. Their tactics include discussions at homeowners association meetings. These meetings are presented under the guise of information but they are clearly just an unbridled sales pitch.

The most memorable part of the presentation that I attended was a futuristic, post-levy artistic rendering of what (a routes) 36/37 split could look like in 2021. When questioned, the presenting city official admitted this fix will most likely happen even without the proposed levy.

Those who live in Delaware and work in nearby communities already pay a significant additional tax burden annually. Many Delaware residents write an additional income tax payment every year just because they work in a neighboring city.

I strongly encourage a “no” vote on this levy from every taxpayer who feels an increase to a 2 percent total income tax (rate) is simply too much.

Mark McHenry



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