First-generation Albanian immigrant Fred Alibehaj and his Italian business partner, Chris Six, have brought a strong cultural authenticity to the cuisine of Delaware with the addition of their Greek and Italian restaurant — Freddy’s Street Food.

Serving customized gyros and pasta bowls, Freddy’s brings something a bit different to the table in terms of fast food.

Similar to other restaurants in the fast-casual market, customers first choose between a pasta bowl, chopped salad, “Freddy Wrap,” or gyro. They then work their way down the line, choosing from the large selection of vegetables, meats, cheeses and sauces, and customizing their wrap or bowl.

They have prided themselves on being a healthy, affordable alternative to fast food, Six said.

“We don’t really like fast food,” he said. “And we really don’t want to feed that to our kids,” he continued, as he pointed to the photo of his children that hangs on a wall inside the restaurant.

Since its opening on Columbus Pike last November, Freddy’s has been a friendly place where customers are able to try something new while avoiding all the grease and poor quality ingredients that accompanies a lot of the surrounding fast-food places, the owners say. Alibehaj said that customers don’t have to sacrifice quality and freshness for quick service.

“People have 30 minutes break on their lunch,” Alibehaj said. “Here, two minutes, the food is done.”

In fact, Freddy himself makes all the sauces and chops the vegetables fresh every morning, as well as does most of the cooking for the restaurant. A decade of Greek cooking experience and his background in Mediterranean food helped him to create a fresh, diverse menu, complete with authentic, homemade hummus and baklava, he said.

It’s obvious as Alibehaj greets incoming customers by name that he wasn’t kidding when he said that his restaurant is born from the idea that everyone is entitled to experience Italian and Greek food in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Service isn’t limited to the confines of the restaurant either. They said they go beyond that, believing that serving the community in general is important as well.

The restaurant sponsors local YMCA youth sports teams, as well as hosts a vintage car show — in their parking lot the first Friday of every month — that raises money for charity.

The restaurant is at 1165 Columbus Pike.

Owners Fred Alibehaj (right) and Chris Six (left) serving two hungry customers. Fred Alibehaj (right) and Chris Six (left) serving two hungry customers.

Morgyn Cooper

For The Gazette

Morgyn Cooper is an intern for The Gazette.