Here are the results of local issues on the ballot in Delaware County:

With 100 percent of votes counted. Votes are unofficial until certified by the local board of elections.


City of Delaware’s road levy

YES: 6,523

NO: 9,932

City of Delaware charter amendments

YES: 11,193

NO: 3,938

Delaware city residents will decide whether to approve a 0.15-percent income tax increase to improve and maintain local infrastructure. If approved, the income tax would increase from 1.85 percent to 2 percent and cost $75 per year for a family with an annual household income of $50,000.

Residents will also decide to approve 34 amendments to the city’s charter. As required every eight years by the same document, a review commission of nine electors was formed to review the charter and make recommendations to Council, which approved them in July.

Big Walnut $133.9-million bond issue

YES: 5,271

NO: 6,191

Big Walnut Local School District’s 8.3-mil, $133.9-million bond issue would add new taxes of $290.50 per year for each $100,000 of property market value, retroactive to Jan. 2016. The ballot language said the bond would be repaid annually over a maximum 37-year period. The district would used the bond for a new high school to accommodate student population growth.

Orange Township park renewal

YES: 9,690

NO: 5,071

Orange Township roads

Yes: 9,055

No: 5,679

Orange Township trustees are asking voters to renew a 1-mill parks levy on top of a new road improvement levy at 0.5 mills. Township officials created the 0.5-mill road improvement levy by reducing the current 1.5-mill park levy due to expire this December. With both levies combined, Orange Township taxpayers would $0.15 for each $100 of valuation for three years commencing in 2016 and first due in 2017.


911 levy renewal

YES: 50,738

NO: 35,297

Delaware County’s proposed 911 levy is a renewal of the existing 0.45-mill levy with an increase of 0.18 mills, bringing the total to 0.63 mills. The 0.18-mill addition will generate $1,097,900 per year. A homeowner with a $100,000 market-value home currently pays $13.18 in taxes per year for the current levy. The 0.18-mill increase on the levy will cost that homeowner an additional $6.30 per year, according to county officials.

Mental health levy

YES: 64,149

NO: 33,669

The Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board has a 1-mil, 5-year renewal levy. The levy makes up 84 percent of the board’s budget and amounts to $0.10 for each $100 of valuation.


State Representatives District 67

Janet Breneman: 21,855

Andrew Brenner: 40,840

State Representatives District 68

Rick Carfagna: 22,458

John Russell: 10,294

Write-in: 59


U.S. Congressional District 12

Patrick Tiberi: 71,358

Several issues, races on ballot in Delaware County

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