Residents share New Year’s resolutions


New Year’s resolutions usually are ways to accomplish a personal goal or break a bad habit. The standard resolutions that many make are to lose weight, get more exercise or live healthier.

The Gazette asked Delaware area residents to share their resolutions Wednesday afternoon.

Karen Reynolds agreed with her husband Tony about being content with their lives. “I don’t think I want to change anything,” she said.

Originally from the area, but having moved to Alabama a couple of years ago, the Reynolds family was in town for the holidays visiting family.

Diane, who would only give her first name, blurted out that she wanted to stop coloring her hair.

“I want to stop putting chemicals in my body,” Diane said. “I just want to roll out of bed like all the men in the world and not worry about it.”

Mel Clark, who owns Honey and Abernathy on Sandusky Street, said she wanted to leave the electronic devices behind and enjoy nature more in the coming year.

“I want to get outside more into the wilderness,” said Clark. “I want to disconnect by leaving the electronics devices at home.”

Some resolutions were the old standbys that many make annually with limited success. One such person was Donna Lewis, who added her own twist to the live healthier part of the resolution.

“I want lose weight and to live more healthy,” she said. “But I want to live healthier both spiritually and nutritionally.”

Joe Gharrity who was walking at a stiff pace, said the thought of a resolution for 2017 hadn’t crossed his mind.

“Not yet, but I’m glad the question came up,” he said. As he walked down the sidewalk he turned and said, “Maybe exercise more.”

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