Goodman now 3rd trustee


The highlight of last Thursday evening’s Genoa Township Board of Trustees meeting occurred during the first few minutes of the nearly three-hour-long session when Genoa’s newest trustee, Connie Goodman, was sworn into office.

Goodman was selected by trustees Karl Gebhardt and Frank Dantonio to complete the term in office of former trustee Rick Carfagna. Carfagna resigned at the close of 2016 to begin his tenure as the Ohio House 68th District Representative.

Before Goodman’s swearing in trustee chair Karl Gebhardt read a letter from Goodman to the township’s Director of Development & Zoning Joe Shafer resigning her position as a member of the Genoa Township Planning & Zoning Commission. Goodman chaired the zoning commission during 2016.

“We had 23 very good candidates for this position, we went through the process, it was a very thorough process, it was non-confrontational, and it was a trustee decision,” Gebhardt said. “This was a very collaborative process. Trustee Dantonio and I discussed the things we were looking for in people, and Connie met those. This decision gives the residents of the township a little perspective, that we do try to work together.”

After being sworn in by Genoa Township Fiscal Officer Pat Myers, Goodman said the trustee selection was a long process.

“I know that trustees Gebhardt and Dantonio both worked very hard at this,” Goodman said. “I appreciate their hard work and efforts. I’m humbled and honored to have been selected, and I look forward to working with all of our residents.”

Goodman said she thanks all of the township residents who sent congratulations to her via email, phone calls, and on social media, as well as those present in chambers for her swearing-in ceremony.

“Thank you all, very much,” Goodman added. “I suppose we should get to work now.”

Gebhardt added that Genoa Township is always looking for good people.

“During this process, among those other 22 folks we identified some very good people,” Gebhardt said. “We hope we keep them engaged in the township as possible future trustees down the road, or committee members, or as someone who helps out at events. There’s a lot of good people out there with a lot of skills and we want to provide opportunities for them to be involved.”

Before the evening’s business got underway, Gebhardt presented the 2017 State of the Township address.

During the address Gebhardt reviewed the township’s accomplishments during the past year in the areas of fiscal management, administration, parks, zoning, roads and bridges, police, and fire.

“It brings to mind the familiar analogy of the swan appearing to glide effortlessly across the pond, yet below the water’s surface a lot of paddling is going on to maintain momentum,” Gebhardt said in closing.

“The goal of the trustees, employees, and our many volunteers is to provide the services and sense of community you have come to expect and support – plow the snow, put out fires, arrest the bad guys, fix the roads, have trails and parks, and manage our tax dollars wisely, and do it all with the outward appearance that it effortlessly gets done.


By Lenny C. Lepola

[email protected]

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.

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