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On Valentine’s Day, your Delaware County District Library showed our love by expanding our incredibly popular board game collection to now include role playing game books.

Role playing games, or RPGs, are a collection of games defined by the players taking on the role of a character and describing their actions as they seek to accomplish a goal.

Typically played with books, paper, pens, and dice, role playing games can come in a wide variety of genres and levels of detail.

Some of these games have what’s called a Game Master, or GM, that places one player in control of the characters in the story not being played by another person at the table.

They help direct the story and respond to the other players’ goals and actions. Other games are played without GMs and allow all players to work together in their chosen setting.

The new additions to the collection are referred to as the “pen and paper variety,” and cover a wide range of genres and themes from running a colony on Mars, to time travel, to anime style exploration. You might be familiar with some like Dungeons and Dragons, Fiasco or Do: Fate of the Flying Temple.

The collection will be found with the board game display at the Delaware Main Library and holds can be placed on to go to any of our other branches for pick up. Users can check out three at a time for up to two weeks, and renew them up to three times as long as no other patrons are waiting for them.

In addition, PDF copies have been added to OverDrive for electronic access. If you are more familiar with OverDrive, or wish to have a PDF copy you can browse and search, head over to the Ohio Digital Library from the homepage.

Nicole Fowles

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