Pedaline resigns BOE


Delaware County Board of Elections officially accepted the resignation of Josh Pedaline, deputy director, during the board’s annual reorganization session Thursday.

Pedaline submitted his resignation Tuesday Feb. 21 during the board’s executive session. His letter states he has “chosen to pursue other opportunities.”

“I’m really happy with my time at the board,” Pedaline said. “I got to work with some really amazing people at the board.”

Pedaline was director of the board in 2015 when a filing error resulted in the Delaware Area Career Center operating levy not being filed in Franklin, Marion, Morrow and Union counties; therefore invalidating the levy. DACC has filed a writ of mandamus with the Ohio Supreme Court in the matter to reinstate the levy.

Helvey said he doesn’t think the DACC matter had anything to do with his leaving the board.

“He has been eyeing the private sector,” said Ed Helvey, chairman. “He came from a financial background.”

“He’s a good guy and good friend,” Helvey said.

The board unanimously decided not to appoint a deputy director Thursday.

“We agreed that the position is not necessary as of today, but will be filled at a later date,” said Steve Cuckler, board member. “We’ll have do the whole posting and interviewing and that stuff.”

Karla Herron will continue as director and Ed Helvey was unanimously elected by the board to be the 2017 chairman.

Peg Watkins was chosen by the Democratic party to replace Burnworth, who retired from the board Feb. 21. Watkins said she has lived in Delaware 19 years and been active with the Democratic party.

“This time we actually had an election with multiple people who wanted this spot,” Watkins said. She said Helvey had been announcing the seat would be open at party meetings.

“At a central committee meeting, we made brief speeches,” Watkins said. “There was an election.”

Watkins said she is retired and the position will work well with her schedule. She said she works part time as a Spanish language interpreter.

“I also do tax preparation, but that’s my evenings and weekends,” Watkins said.

By D. Anthony Botkin

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