Delaware County Sheriff’s office awards lifesavers at awards ceremony


The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office recently held its annual awards ceremony and distributed seven lifesaving awards and four individual awards including deputy, dispatch, corrections officer and civilian of the year.

The first lifesaving award was given to Corrections Officer John Grace. Sheriff’s Office officials report that while completing end-of-shift head count, Corrections Officer John Grace noticed an inmate suffocating to death while attempting suicide.

After calling for assistance, Grace lowered the inmate to the ground, checked for a pulse, and began administering sternum rubs. Within moments, the inmate began gasping for air. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Officials said his calm demeanor and professionalism earned him the Lifesaver Award, a news release states.

The second lifesaving award was awarded to Deputy Mike Inglish. Officials said Inglish was the first to respond to a shooting at a rest area last year. Inglish arrived at the I-71 rest stop to discover a college student had been shot point blank five times. Officials said without not knowing where the shooter was or any other details, Inglish kept a calm head, visually scanning the area for any further threats.

Inglish then quickly assessed the victim’s wounds and began multiple lifesaving measures. Medics arrived shortly thereafter. Thanks to the quick and heroic lifesaving actions of Deputy Inglish, the shooting victim survived, officials said.

The third lifesaving award was given to Deputy Andrew Lee. Officials said that on July 22nd, Lee responded to a Lewis Center home where a woman was not breathing. Lee performed CPR until medics arrived. The woman regained a pulse and consciousness and was transported to the local hospital. Lt. Hodges with the Orange Township Fire Department credits Deputy Lee’s actions for saving this woman’s life, officials reported.

The fourth lifesaving award was given to Deputy Rashad Pitts. Officials said Pitts responded to a possible overdose at a rest area on I-71 in November and found a large crowd gathered around the restrooms. He discovered two women trying to help a motionless woman, who was lying on the ground. Pitts took over and with the assistance of a bystander, performed CPR. The woman finally began showing signs of life, breathing on her own prior to medics arriving.

The fifth lifesaving award was given to Deputy Mike Scalley. Officials said Scalley responded to a crash on I-71 where a semi-truck driver had been ejected from his vehicle. Scalley found the driver lying on the roadway, having lost both legs. Scalley applied two tourniquets to stop the bleeding. Lt. Murray with Delaware County EMS said Scalley undoubtedly saved this young man’s life.

The sixth lifesaving award was given to Deputy Joe Elverson. Officials said that on Sept. 6 Elverson responded to a call of an adult choking at a home. Elverson observed a distraught spouse attempting to aid his unresponsive wife, while also speaking on the phone with a dispatcher.

Officials said Elverson took charge and first administered several abdominal thrusts, with no response. The woman was not breathing so Elverson patted her back and attempted to dislodge any food or objects from her mouth. With no pulse to be found, Elverson began CPR, and continued until medics arrived. The woman was taken to the local hospital for further treatment.

The final lifesaving award was given to a number of individuals at the Delaware County Jail. Officials said during the intake process a new inmate had stopped breathing and began turning blue. Corrections Officers Sean McGrath, Shawn Salyer, Zach Swick, Justin Wildman, and Sgt. Shauna Robinson, along with nursing staff, went into action, officials said. Numerous lifesaving measures were taken, including the administering of Narcan, to reverse the effects of an overdose. After 12 minutes, the inmate regained consciousness.

The Deputy of the Year award was given to Deputy Mike Inglish for his actions at the rest stop shooting.

Officials said Inglish has been a deputy for 16 years and has remained focused on serving the public.

Officials described Inglish as “loyal dependable and self-motivated. A cop’s cop. … you never worry when you’re on duty with him because you know he has your back.

“A prosecutor commented several years back that this deputy’s attention to detail was critical in the successful prosecution of a felony crime. A Columbus Police detective once described this deputy’s positive attitude and perseverance as extremely admirable when they worked a case together. This deputy makes us all look better by his consistent performance, excellent work ethic, and humble attitude.”

The Dispatcher of the Year award was given to Brittany Dowler for her attitude and hard work.

Dowler was nominated by a patrol deputy and unanimously chosen by the selection committee. The deputy wrote that Dowler is “consistently outstanding. During this shift, it is often busy and there are lots of complex calls, but she repeatedly shows her professionalism and competency with every call.”

The Corrections Officer of the Year award was given to Rachel O’Brien.

Officials said O’Brien acts as a training officer at the jail and is very deliberate about instructing the new corrections officers. One sergeant said, “[O’Brien] performs at a very consistent level. She is dependable. She takes great pride in her work and holds herself to a high standard.” Another sergeant bragged that O’Brien “has an excellent work ethic, and is very diligent in her duties. She strives for perfection and has an unwavering positive attitude – often in the face of adversity.”

The Civilian Employee of the Year award was given to Jail Administrative Assistant Jodi Hough.

Officials said Hough nominated by several co-workers and described as a dedicated and selfless a team player. Officials said her consistent attention to detail helps the Corrections Officers jobs go smoother.

A sheriff’s office sergeant said: “She is the foundation of the Jail, and she holds this office together.”

Captain Scott Vance (right) presents the Deputy of the Year award to Deputy Mike Inglish at the awards ceremony last week. Inglish was the first deputy to arrive on the scene of a shooting at a rest area last year and provided life saving medical care to an person who had been shot five times. Scott Vance (right) presents the Deputy of the Year award to Deputy Mike Inglish at the awards ceremony last week. Inglish was the first deputy to arrive on the scene of a shooting at a rest area last year and provided life saving medical care to an person who had been shot five times.
Deputy Mike Inglish receives top honor

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Information in this story was provided by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

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