OWU adding Bachelor of Science degrees


Beginning as early as May 2018, Ohio Wesleyan University graduates will be able to earn Bachelor of Science degrees in addition to the existing Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, and Music degrees conferred by the private, liberal arts university.

The first Ohio Wesleyan majors to offer Bachelor of Science degrees will be physics and astrophysics, and the university anticipates adding chemistry, geology, and zoology to the list over the next several weeks.

“Ohio Wesleyan is pleased to add this academic opportunity for our students,” said Provost Charles L. Stinemetz, Ph.D. “In some graduate school and career paths, holding a Bachelor of Science degree is seen as advantageous, and we want to provide our students with every opportunity to succeed.”

For majors that offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science tracks, Stinemetz said, either option will be academically rigorous, but the latter will provide a greater depth and stronger emphasis on preparing students for advanced study in the field or direct entry into professional‐level employment.

The increased depth may be provided by additional required courses in the field, additional required affiliate courses, a different selection of courses in the field, or other academic experiences selected by Ohio Wesleyan faculty to prepare students for their desired next steps, he said.

Students who choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in physics will prepare themselves for post-graduate opportunities including advanced degrees in biophysics, geophysics, oceanography, or physics. The degree also lays a solid foundation for careers in areas including engineering and computer science. Learn more at www.owu.edu/physics.

Those who seek a Bachelor of Science in astrophysics will be prepared to pursue graduate study in astrophysics or physics, or for careers with a strong research or high-tech focus. Learn more at www.owu.edu/astrophysics.

To be eligible to confer Bachelor of Science degrees, Ohio Wesleyan was required to apply to, and be approved by, the Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission. Ohio Wesleyan has been accredited by the commission, or its predecessor, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, for more than 100 years.


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