OWU prof. to research health care, teach in Africa


Randolph Quaye, Ph.D., associate professor of Black World Studies at Ohio Wesleyan University, has been awarded his second Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research into health care financing in East Africa and assist Tanzania’s University of Dar Es Salaam with its master’s degree program in public health.

Quaye, who joined the Ohio Wesleyan faculty in 2004, also serves as chair of the university’s Black World Studies Program and director of its OWU in Tanzania semester-abroad program. He earned his first Fulbright Scholarship in 2011, also to conduct research and teach in East Africa.

“The goal is to evaluate the recently-introduced social health insurance program in Tanzania,” Quaye said of his research. “My research attempts to address how a broad range of factors relate to each other and how they combine to affect health status. A golden thread running through my works is an emphasis on policy initiatives that can improve the health status of vulnerable populations.”

Quaye, a trained medical sociologist, will assist the University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, in part, by teaching master’s level courses on global health, health care disparities across the life span, and health policy within the broader theme of the “sociology of health and illness.”

Quaye earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Ghana, master’s degree from Acadia University (Canada), and doctorate from Northeastern University in Boston. He is the author of four books: “Balancing Public and Private Health Care Systems: The Sub-Saharan African Experience”; “Recent Reforms in the Swedish Health Care System: Implications for the Swedish Welfare State”; “African Americans’ Health Care Practices, Perspectives, and Needs”; and “Underdevelopment and Health Care in Africa: The Ghanaian Experience.”

Learn more about Quaye and Ohio Wesleyan’s Black World Studies Program at www.owu.edu/BlackWorldStudies.


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