New license plate for women veterans


Attention all Women Veterans living in the state of Ohio.

Are you aware that as of September 2016, the state of Ohio approved a new license plate just for women veterans. All they used to have was: Retired (branch of service) veteran, and just (branch of service ) veteran.

Now they are realizing that there are more women veterans than years before. And they want to recognize all of them.

To get this plate you must take your DD Form 214 to your DMV. Now, don’t be surprised if they look confused when you are asking for this new plate. I was the first one to get this plate in Delaware.

I was told they don’t have this license plate out yet and I told her yes they do. I handed her my discharge paper DD Form 214 and she looked it over and she said that on the form it doesn’t state anywhere that I am a women veteran.

I just shook my head and smiled at her. She proceeded to call two other DMVs to make sure she was doing this the right way. Two weeks later I received my plates in the mail and I was so proud of them.

My husband changed them out on my car and I proudly drive around town letting everyone know that Yes, I am a woman veteran.

If you can’t find your DD Form 214, please contact me and I will help you get a copy of it.

For questions or general concerns for women veterans, you can contact Manley at [email protected].

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