Evans Farm celebrates Earth Day every day


On Saturday, people in nearly 200 different countries around the world will take time to celebrate what the environment means to them, and consider ways to ensure the safety of Earth’s air, water and other natural resources for generations to come.

First observed in 1970 after a disastrous 1969 oil spill, Earth Day has grown in scope and purpose for each of the past 47 years.

While Evans Farm recognizes and applauds the efforts of Earth Day, the truth is that this thoughtfully-planned community is wholeheartedly committed to the Earth Day’s ecological and sustainability tenets 365 days a year, a news release states.

In fact, every single aspect of Evans Farm’s architectural, design and development guidelines are focused on protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment.

Examples of this commitment include the fact that a full 35 percent of the development’s footprint is designated green space — which will include pocket parks, active and passive parkland, undisturbed wetland areas, trails, ponds and forested areas.

Water conservation and protection will be encouraged through rainwater collection, pervious pavement options, smart sprinkler systems that coordinate with GPS and weather forecasts, settlement basins, and the use of low-flow fixtures within the community’s homes and businesses.

Reductions in energy usage will be fostered through the increased deployment of solar, geothermal and wind systems, along with greater conservation via the use of high insulation/Low E windows, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, and programmable thermostats.

Other environmentally-friendly programs in Evans Farm’s sustainability plan include education programs for children and adults, reduction measures for solid waste, curtailing vehicular transportation, as well as incentives for gardening, composting and smart landscaping. Essentially, all aspects of Evans Farm living will be designed with respect for the area’s natural resources in mind.

As part of its effort to respect the land on which it sits, Evans Farm has also dedicated itself to preserving the native hardwood trees found on the property. After carefully collecting the acorns and other plant seeds, agronomists are now nurturing the seedlings and saplings in a dedicated nursery that recently doubled in size to accommodate more young trees.

Once they reach a plantable size, the trees will be re-planted along the streets, in the parks, and throughout the entire Evans Farm community. Many of the trees may also be planted on the grounds of Olentangy schools.

Evans Farm encourages everyone throughout central Ohio and beyond to observe Earth Day by considering what you can personally do to protect the environment.

Residents are also invited to stop by the Evans Farm sales office on Lewis Center Road and pick up a seedling you can replant in your own yard. For information, go to http://www.evansfarmliving.com/

Information for this story supplied by Evans Farm.

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