JFS eliminates positions due to improved economy


Delaware County Commissioners Thursday approved the abolishment of several positions and the layoff of employees within the Department of Job and Family Services (JFS).

“My staff are hardworking people who come to work every day and do a an excellent job for the people of Delaware County,” said David Dombrosky, Delaware County JFS director.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen a decline in the number of public assistance cases in Delaware County,” Dombrosky said. “There is a direct correlation between an improved economy, low unemployment rate and how that corresponds to people receiving public assistance throughout the county.”

Dombrosky said the areas affected by the decline are work programs associated with Ohio Workers First cash assistance program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP.

Since 2013 the local caseload for Ohio Workers First has declined by 40 percent and the SNAP program by 18 percent.

“(Ohio Department) JFS will also implement a rule change come July 1 which will further reduce the number by an additional 57 percent of folks who are required to participate in these activities,” Dombrosky said. “As a result, unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that we could eliminate three Employment Counselor positions and a Site Trainer position.”

Dombrosky said the economy tends to have an inverse effect on public assistance.

“When the economy is bad people need public assistance,” he said. “When it improves, people go back to work and caseloads drop.”

Dombrosky said the elimination of the positions and the layoffs are scheduled for Friday, May 12.

“Our collective bargaining agreement with the union does not allow us to simply re-assign workers to other positions,” he said. “The selection was done by seniority and not by job performance.”

However, those who are to be laid off are eligible to apply for the open positions within JFS by Wednesday, April 26.

Dombrosky said they would have go through the evaluation process and if found to be qualified for the position they could be rehired.

Dombrosky said he has 82 positions currently on the work chart for 60-70 different programs provided through JFS.


By D. Anthony Botkin

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