Browning solid choice for Delaware council seat


Jim Browning has big shoes to fill. Browning will be sworn in as the 3rd Ward representative on Delaware City Council next week after a 4-2 vote Monday night.

Browning was chosen from six candidates to replace former member Joe DiGenova, who who died March 19 after being ill. The newly appointed member will be required to run for election in November, and if successful, would serve the remainder of the term until November 2019.

DiGenova was a landmark figure in Delaware for his long service, but Browning needs to build on the work that his predecessor did while making his own ideas known.

The city of Delaware is in a good place with economic development and other initiatives, but more challenges lie ahead. We believe council made a good selection, although several of the candidates presented equally strong resumes.

During his interview, Browning said there’s a need to raise awareness about the city’s activities. We agree with his assessment and hope that carries forward.

“Everyone’s busy and we almost need to make people responsible for being in the know, and so that’s taking the city to the people,” he said.

We think fresh ideas are good and Browning seems to be prepared to represent his ward and serve the entire city. His experience serving as co-chairman of the political action committee that campaigned for the city’s income tax levy for road maintenance and infrastructure improvements will be a good foundation.

More than 60 percent of residents voted against the levy, but Browning will represent the ward that contained the city’s two out of 27 precincts, which voted in favor of it. The late DiGenova had publicly thanked residents in those precincts for supporting the levy at a November meeting.

While Browning is on the same footing with his predecessor and those two precints when it comes to the levy, he will have his work cut out for him to truly fulfill his concept of taking the city to the people.

We encourage residents of the 3rd Ward and the entire city to bring their ideas to Browning and his fellow council members. It’s your city and your voice matters.

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