‘Democracy is not a spectator sport’


On Oct. 9 at DACC North, the Delaware County League of Women Voters was privileged to educate the citizens on the qualifications and positions of the candidates for Ohio Congressional District 12, Ohio Senate District 19, Ohio House Districts 67 and 68, Delaware County commissioner and county auditor. The Republican auditor and commissioner candidates, both incumbents, participated, as did the Democrats and Green Party candidates for all offices. The Republican incumbent for the 68th Ohio House graciously declined, citing a previous obligation. The incumbent for the U.S. House, and the Republican candidates for Ohio Senate and Ohio House 67 did not reply to the League.

The reason for nonattendance given to The Gazette was that the League’s positions are too far left, and it is too partisan.

The League has never endorsed candidates in its 98-year history. It does, as part of its educational mission, study important issues and take carefully reasoned positions. Its position on immigration today, actually, is similar to the Republican Party Platform in 1956, for example. How far left or right a position appears varies with the times we live in and cultural norms.

Our nation and society benefits when all concerned parties engage in debate and dialog. The League of Women Voters seeks to empower voters and defend democracy. In order to succeed, everyone — the politicians and the voters — must participate.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Alice Frazier

President, Delaware County LWV

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