Vote ‘yes’ on Genoa Twp. zoning amendment


I am a neighbor on Tussic Road in Genoa Township, directly across the street from the proposed 43-acre development. There have been many misstatements on social media regarding the zoning amendment on the Genoa Township ballot. The zoning amendment is not for the entire township. It is a zoning change strictly for the 43 acres at Tussic Street and Oxbow Road.

The zoning amendment was approved in April 2018, because it meets all the requirements of the Genoa Zoning Code. The approved density is lower than 80 percent of the existing communities in Genoa. The amendment was approved based on single-family homes on fee simple lots designed for empty nesters to be built by Romanelli & Hughes. This will not be apartments, condos or townhomes. Big Walnut Local Schools will receive $500,000 of new funds without added burden to the school system, and the township will receive $220,000 of new revenue. There is no impact on Westerville or Olentangy schools.

The plan is for a Conservation Community, preserving over 50 percent of the land as green space.

The State of Ohio Engineering requirement for a PUD requires that no storm runoff be allowed to drain on neighboring property, thus improving the storm water runoff condition. The detention ponds are also designed to help with storm water quality.

The Delaware County Department of Engineering has approved the preliminary design. The traffic impact will be minimized with typically only two cars per household based upon homes having only two-car garages and no permanent street parking. This type of community being typically inhabited by retired residents will be less than typical of a development at rush hour. The development also requires only one curb cut.

Please join me in voting yes on the zoning amendment for this high-quality community that also minimizes impact.

Kristi Blair


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