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As Delaware continues its surge as a premier home destination in Central Ohio, residential development also continues to move forward. During Wednesday’s City of Delaware Planning Commission meeting, a final development plan for sections six and seven of the Belmont Place subdivision, located east of Glenn Parkway and north of Peachblow Road, was approved.

The final development calls for 48 additional single-family lots on approximately 18.48 acres in section six, and an additional 53 lots in section 7 on approximately 20.46 acres.

Sections 1-3, which contain 74 lots on 31 acres, were first approved by planning officials, and ultimately Delaware City Council, in December 2013. Seventy-two single-family lots on 21 acres as part of sections four and five were approved in June 2017.

In May of 2009, ahead of any development on the site, council approved an ordinance which created a Conditional Use Permit and rezoned the land to include a Planned Mixed Use Overlay (PMU). The PMU was divided into two sub-areas, A and B, for the combined 109 acres.

Both the planning commission and city council approved a Development Text Amendment, the Preliminary Development Plan, and the Preliminary Subdivision Plat for sub-area A last November.

As part of the development text, the lots in sections six and seven will be required to be a minimum of 7,700 square feet, with a minimum lot width of 65 feet. At least 50 percent of the material used on the front elevation of the homes must consist of natural materials.

If and when warranted, the city will install a traffic signal at the intersection of Glenn Parkway and Peachblow Road, as well as at Glenn Parkway and the northernmost access point of the western portion of Belmont Place. The developer is proposing a bike path to be constructed through sections six and seven, along Peachblow Road, to connect with the existing bike path in section one.

The land along the northern portion of Peachblow Road could see more development soon as the annexation of 101 acres directly east of the existing Belmont Place homes is being discussed. Grden LLC was in front of planning commission in February to discuss a conceptual review of a proposed subdivision that would stretch north to connect with Winterbourne Drive coming south from the Communities at Glenross subdivision.

A connection west to the Belmont Place subdivision would also be constructed.

The land currently sits in Berlin Township but is also located at the very southeast corner of Delaware’s long-existing utility boundary, meaning the property would need to be connected to the city’s sewer and water services. Council voted on a resolution of services in February, approving water, sanitary, refuse, fire, police, and road maintenance services upon the pending acceptance of annexation.

An illustrative site plan for Belmont Place Section 6 is shown. illustrative site plan for Belmont Place Section 6 is shown. Courtesy image | City of Delaware

An illustrative site plan for Belmont Place Section 7 is shown. illustrative site plan for Belmont Place Section 7 is shown. Courtesy image | City of Delaware

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