Biden would be globalist-in-chief


Joe Biden recently unveiled his foreign policy program, and he made one thing very clear: he wants to return to the globalist agenda that President Trump has thoroughly dismantled. The benefit to the American people is a vibrant economy working for all – with record low unemployment in all minority communities.

The far-left website Vox called Biden’s proposal “the exact opposite of President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ program.” That’s certainly accurate, but the article might as well have described Biden’s foreign policy doctrine as an “America Last” program.

“I respect no borders, and cannot be contained by walls,” Biden proudly declared during his speech, making it abundantly clear that American citizens, corporations, and institutions would once again be taken advantage of by establishment elites, both at home and abroad, if Biden has his way. This is the Biden way.

You see, Joe Biden cares more about the opinions of his globalist friends than the interests of the American people. This past winter, Biden went to Munich to tell European leaders that he considers the Trump administration “an embarrassment,” criticizing the president for insisting that wealthy European nations contribute their fair share to NATO and for his attempts to open up European markets for American products. Biden even recently predicted that if Trump wins re-election, “there will be no NATO in four or five years,” even though European NATO members have significantly stepped up their investments in the alliance in response to Trump’s pressure. Wrong again, Joe…

Clearly, Biden’s judgment is not worth much. After working with Biden for several years, former Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote in his memoirs that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Gates is still publicly standing by that assessment.

Gates was right. As vice president, Biden supported two of the worst foreign policy negotiations in American history, both of which President Trump wisely cancelled. According to The Washington Post, Biden was the “public salesman” for the disastrous Iran nuclear deal — a deal that gave Iran billions of dollars worth of incentives in exchange for a hardened path that would simply delay and not prevent its development of nuclear weapons. Obama used Biden in a similar role for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, sending Biden to convince skeptical Democrats to support a deal that Biden himself now refuses to endorse.

Just three months ago, Biden claimed that China is “not competition” for the United States, demonstrating once again just how atrocious his judgment really is. Though Biden has since flip-flopped and now proclaims that China is a “serious challenge,” he still criticizes the Trump administration for taking strong actions against the communist regime’s predatory trade practices. As I’ve commented before, with Biden, criticism of China is all bark and no bite.

When Joe Biden talks about returning to a world of American leadership, he means going back to a time when foreign leaders took advantage of our country’s leaders with virtual impunity. Biden and other establishment insiders sold out the American people in pursuit of their own interests abroad. Under their leadership, America fought endless wars in third-world backwaters while lavishing special treatment on countries that pose real threats to our interests, such as China and Iran.

Under President Trump, those days are long gone.

President Trump has forged a new foreign policy based on putting the interests of American citizens and workers first, and has advanced American interests abroad with unparalleled resolve. He has confronted China head-on, using targeted counter-tariffs to pressure Beijing into giving up its corrupt and illegal business practices. He has destroyed the so-called “caliphate” and wiped ISIS off the map. He has opened landmark negotiations with North Korea and bolstered America’s relationship with Israel, India, Japan, Taiwan, and many other allies.

Contrary to what globalist Joe Biden might think, President Trump has shown that when American leadership projects strength, confidence, and a firm commitment to the interests of its citizens, this country receives far more respect from friends and enemies alike.

The American people have seen the results of Donald Trump’s effective America First foreign policy. The president understands the necessary and direct link between national security and effective economic policy. We cannot tolerate a return to the “America Last,” “lead-from-behind” foreign policy of the Obama-Biden administration that resulted in economic decline and loss of effective American global leadership.

By Tony Shaffer

Guest columnist

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, an Ohio native, is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and acting president of the London Center for Policy Research.

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