‘4th Ward will only be better’ if JanTausch elected


I am writing in response to the Aug. 10, 2019 article titled “JanTausch to run for city’s 4th Ward seat.” I have known Sarah since she was quite young, first as a student in my gymnastics program, then as a student at Delaware Christian School, and later as one of my employees at The Jungle Gymnastics Adventure Center.

Sarah has always been mature beyond her years, and I have watched her political interest and involvement grow from Class President four years running, to forming a local chapter of Junior State of America (JSA), all while still in high school!

I hired her for those strong leadership and interpersonal traits she displayed and within a very short time had promoted her to the position of supervisor at The Jungle Gym. She was solely responsible for running the gym in my absence. Her strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the position as well as her incredible interpersonal skills with the students and the adult clientele made her an invaluable asset to the program.

Most of all though, I know Sarah JanTausch, the person. Aside from any accolades and honors, and experiences that may grace her substantial resume, I know that Sarah has a heart to do what is, capital R, Right in any situation. She will always hold her constituents’ interests at the forefront, and she will actually take the time and effort to know those interests. This is a person who is interested in results for the betterment of all involved. She will work hard to see things get done and will represent the Ward well. I personally have the utmost confidence in her abilities and in her as a person, and I am glad to see her continue her involvement locally! The 4th Ward will only be better for having her on their side!

Chet Snouffer


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