JanTausch ‘knows the issues important to (4th Ward) residents’


In response to the Aug. 10 article “JanTausch to run for city’s 4th Ward seat,” I must say that this is probably one of the easiest letters of support I have written while serving in various capacities.

Sarah’s most significant asset to Ward 4 is that she grew up in that very ward in Delaware city. She knows the issues important to its residents, and the residents of Delaware city. Sarah also went to school in Delaware and then attended Ohio Wesleyan.

But most importantly, Sarah is much more. Turning Point provides help when there is domestic abuse to those in Delaware County and is located in Delaware city. Sarah serves on their board and works hard to make a difference. She is also a member of the local Delaware Rotary, as am I. This organization is dedicated to making lives better, and if something needs to be done in Rotary, just ask Sarah.

The list of Sarah’s involvements and her passion is too long to list here, but if you check out her bio, you will be impressed. Many of you know me and my commitment to our county over the last seven years. The leaders at the city, village, and township levels are what makes the county great.

Your investment in Sarah JanTausch with your November vote will be returned to you through her commitment to serve you with passion, integrity, and honesty. You will not be disappointed!

Gary Merrell

Delaware County Commissioner

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