Request to change meeting minutes denied by trustees


During Monday’s Liberty Township Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee Shyra Eichhorn questioned the written minutes of two previous meetings and asked for corrections.

Eichhorn stated that she had “some issues” with the final page of the minutes from the Sept. 16 meeting.

“There is nothing stating in here about resident Joe Stoutenburg starting to speak, and that is why I would not go into executive session,” she said. “I think there should be a reason for it.”

Ignoring Eichhorn’s request, Trustee Melanie Leneghan moved to approve the minutes as written.

Both Trustee Michael Gemperline and Lenghan approved of the minutes with Eichhorn stating, “No, they are not accurate.”

“Mrs. Leneghan and Mr. Gemperline voted in favor of entering executive session, Mrs. Eichhorn refused to go into executive session and end the discussion on Resolution #19-0916-09. The audience and Mrs. Eichhom refused to leave the township hall. Mr. Schuiling asked the audience to leave — the audience shouted no … The Delaware County Sheriff was called,” the minutes from Sept. 16 state.

When the minutes from the Oct. 1 special trustees meeting were introduced for a vote, Eichhorn stated, “Again, in that meeting when I asked for there to be language put in about the appeal if it would fail, for us to make sure that we had language in there that it would fall back to 5.6 (mills) so it wouldn’t go to zero. When I asked the two trustees if they had any interest, they declined. That is not reflected in the minutes.”

Again, Leneghan and Gemperline voted “yes” with Eichhorn voting “no.”

Eichhorn then asked, “So, my comments from this meeting will be reflected in the minutes for the next meeting?”

Cathy Beuhrer, administrative assistant and human resources manager, confirmed they would be.

Moving forward, the trustees, in 2-1 vote, approved some purchase orders and blanket certificates.

Eichhorn voted “no” based on one line item.

“Still with the $25,000 for Reminger on it?” she said.

In the Oct. 1 special meeting, by a 2-1 vote, trustees authorized an expenditure, not to exceed $25,000, payable to Reminger and Reminger, LLC for legal counsel on issues of “taxation, levy rollback, and mandamus” to appeal the Delaware County Budget Commission’s determination on the reducing the township’s 5.6-mill fire levy.

In other business, the trustees:

• Approved bills and warrants totaling nearly $250,000.

• Authorized an expenditure not exceeding $7,500 for board meeting software from Granicus.

“Over the past several months, we’ve been talking about getting some type of system in that will allow for paperless meetings but to also streamline getting the agenda completed,” Buehrer said.

Buehrer went on to say that the department heads would have the ability to input items, resolutions would be prepared online, and it would be accessible on the township’s website.

“I’ve looked at seven or eight companies,” she said. “Granicus had the best package at the best price, and they have a 60-day free trial that we can cancel at the end of it.”

Buehrer said that trustees’ laptops were loaded with the software, but that they needed to approve the resolution to start the free trial.

“I think it will save a lot of errors on the agenda,” she said. There will be “a lot less paper, and it will be a lot more accessible for record searches and the system is expandable.”

• Recommended the approval of the Divison of Liquor Control in transferring license application from Swan Lake Event Center, LLC to Sparrow Ventures Ltd. doing business as Swan Lake.

Buehreer said it would expand where alcohol could be served at the Swan Lake Event Center.

• In a 2-1 vote, the majority of the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to dissolve the Liberty Township Certified Building SubDepartment and surrender the township’s certification with the Ohio Board of Building Standards as a certified subdepartment of Powell.

Eichhorn voted “no” on the measure, while the other two trustees voted “yes.”

• Authorized extending a Community Reinvestment Area Agreement with State Auto for the data center located at 268 Grief Parkway. With the approval of the Olentangy Local School District, the extension allows for a 5-year, 75% abatement.

• Approved hiring Benjamin Dormire as a part-time Parks and Road Services worker at the rate of $11 per hour.

• Approved requiring the use of prefabricated plastic risers in street drainage structures for all publicly-maintained streets within the township.

Township Administrator Michael Schuiling said they have almost double the life span of the current drainage risers.

“This a new standard throughout the United States,” Schuiling said. “The concrete catch basins tend to wear out in short order with the salt that is getting pushed into them in winter.”

By D. Anthony Botkin

[email protected]

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