Delaware officials approve new build in industrial park


The industrial park located off Sawmill Parkway and U.S. Route 42 on the city’s southwest side continues to grow as Delaware City Council approved the combined Preliminary and Final Development Plan for Sawmill Delaware Investments to construct a new building, called Innovation Center, at 109 Innovation Court.

Sawmill Delaware Investments will construct a 33-foot-high, 60,000-square-foot building on approximately six acres. The building will be similar in design to the Symmetry II building located just south of the site, which has the same owner.

Innovation Center is the last of three buildings being constructed by Sawmill Delaware Investments in the Industrial Park.

John Lewis, a partner with Sawmill Delaware Investments, said during Monday’s council meeting, “The first two (buildings) took a little while and were a bit of a struggle for a while, but we have high hopes that the demand that we have seen over the past couple of years is going to continue and that we can fill this (building) up.”

According to the submitted proposal, Innovation Center will be divided into 10 units with storefronts and five loading docks at the rear of the building. The site will also include 93 parking spots.

Lewis said he met with a potential tenant on Monday that could potentially fill two-thirds of the building, although he said it’s all “pie in the sky” at the moment. He added he is “a little bit superstitious,” so he didn’t want to mention who the potential suitor might be just yet. While he wouldn’t provide the name of the business, Lewis said the possible tenant would create as many as 50 jobs should they decide to move in.

Amy Biondi-Huffman, who is both a partner of the project and the contractor, said they are working closely with Economic Development Director Sean Hughes “to identify potential tenants and work on different incentives that could be offered to these tenants to attract them.”

Biondi-Huffman said the intention is to start the project this fall so that the building would be operational and ready for tenants sometime in April.

Following the comments from Lewis and Biondi-Huffman, Mayor Carolyn Riggle told the two, “You have a proven track record here.”

Council voted unanimously to approve the project.

By Dillon Davis

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