Moseley looks to retain trustee seat in Scioto


Scioto Township voters will have the opportunity to choose between incumbent Ralph Moseley or decide on his challenger, Dick Jones, to be one of the township’s trustees for the next four years.

• Moseley is a lifelong resident of the township, a graduate of Buckeye Valley High School, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from The Ohio State University. He is married to Gina, the father of four boys, and grandfather to seven grandchildren. He retired from Honda of America in 2014 after 33 years of employment with the auto manufacturer.

“I am running for this term to continue improvements made in my first term,” he said.

If re-elected, Moseley will serve his second term as a Scioto Township trustee. He said the largest issue in the township is the infrastructure, which is falling apart due to the sudden rapid growth in development and population.

“I feel the biggest issue in the township is the deteriorating roads and culverts,” he said.

Moseley added the township has been “fortunate in receiving Ohio Public Works Commission grants to rebuild roads, but the rapid growth in population and housing starts to require decisive action in the near future.”

“I will work with the board to put together a master plan to bring the infrastructure of the township up to stable and safe conditions,” he said.

• Jones, a past Scioto Township trustee in the ‘90s, said he was born and raised in Ostrander, attended Scioto Valley School long before there was Buckeye Valley Local Schools, and attends the Ostrander Methodist Church. The 83-year-old retired truck driver, who once drove for race car driver Bobby Rahal, said he owns horses and still cuts his own hay on his farm.

Jones said he takes great pride in what he does and never assumes anything. He said he still believes in taking a person at their word and good, firm handshakes.

As a past trustee, Jones said he was involved in purchasing the acreage for and building the new fire department. He was also part of the board that built Scioto Township Park, and he plowed snow in the winter.

“I’m a working trustee,” he said. “Whatever we need to do, I’ll do.”

Jones said after receiving a few requests, he decided to run again for trustee.

“Some friends called that asked if I’d run again,” he said. “I’m true to the township, and I love Ostrander — I have a lot of friends there.”

Jones believes the greatest challenge facing the township is rapid growth.

“Growth is a big issue right now,” he said. “We’re losing farmland right and left, but you can’t stop progress. However, you can make guidelines for it.”

Jones said the township and the Village of Ostrander need to work together “because we’re being mingled” together.

“You have to reach a happy middle to keep things under control,” he said. “We need to work together to create some harmony.”



By D. Anthony Botkin

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