Dinovo to serve third term as municipal clerk


Delaware County voters elected Cindy Dinovo (R) to her third term as clerk of the Delaware Municipal Court Tuesday.

Dinovo garnered 17,708 (59.09%) votes and defeated her opponent, Emma Jones (D), who brought in 12,261 votes (40.91%). Dinovo will begin her third six-year term on Jan. 1, 2020.

As clerk of the Delaware Municipal Court, Dinovo is responsible for maintaining and protecting court records as well as collecting and disbursing monies payable to the court.

Dinovo was elected to the office in 2007 and has served as the clerk since Jan. 1, 2008. She is a member, trustee, and conference chair of the Ohio Association of Municipal and County Court Clerks. Her work in the office earned her the 2018 Clerk of the Year Award.

She was endorsed by the Delaware County Republican Party and The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 56, whom she thanked Wednesday along with voters in the county.

“I’d like to thank the voters of Delaware County for allowing me to serve another term,” Dinovo said. “Also, thanks to my many supporters, including the Delaware County Republican Party, FOP Lodge 56, and IAFF 3754, for their endorsements.”

Dinovo added that she hopes to continue to innovate the office.

“I look forward to continuing to advance the technology in the clerk’s office, which allows users greater access to justice,” Dinovo said.

Jones, a public defender in Delaware Municipal Court, thanked voters Wednesday, even though she was disappointed with the results of the election.

“Thank you Delaware County,” Jones wrote in an email. “I am exhausted and disappointed. But I thank you for this tremendous opportunity to compete for your vote. I knew this was a Herculean task, but I was up for a new challenge. The people have spoken, and while I do not agree with the outcome, I accept it. We are a country governed by the will of the people. And the people have spoken to stay the course.”

Jones also acknowleged Dinovo for how she ran her campaign.

“I would like to thank (Dinovo) for running a clean race,” Jones said. “I won’t deny that I wish she would have put forth more effort to earn your votes. I rarely crossed paths with her on the campaign trail except for two candidate nights. But given that she is better funded than me, I am grateful that she didn’t resort to petty mudslinging nor engage in needless scare tactics. All the people I met, were ready for a little civility in this election process. I can say this was at least a civil contest. I hope she will look into the issues I have brought to her attention rather than dismiss them.”

Jones said she was proud of the votes she was able to earn and the opportunity to meet voters throughout the county.

“I am extremely proud of my campaign,” Jones said. “I grew up in the working class and this has always been about giving voice to the working class once again. I am extremely grateful for all of the Democrats, Republicans, Green, Libertarian, and non-partisan votes I received from all over Delaware County, including enthusiastic support from Galena, Ostrander, Harlem, Sunbury, and other rural areas. My grandfather, who was a tobacco, banana, and plantain farmer in Puerto Rico, would have been very proud … I loved meeting so many people throughout Delaware County, and I hope we can keep in touch.”


By Glenn Battishill

[email protected]

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