Riggle to serve fourth term as Delaware mayor


Delaware City Council held its organizational meeting Monday to make the results from the Nov. 5 election official, and to appoint a mayor and vice mayor.

Both Chris Jones (First Ward) and Lisa Keller (Second Ward) were re-elected to continue serving as ward representatives. Drew Farrell (Fourth Ward) and Cory Hoffman (Third Ward) join council as first-time members. The four were sworn in by Judge Marianne Hemmeter and City Attorney Darren Shulman.

Also part of the meeting was the selection of a mayor and vice mayor, which is done every two years. Carolyn Riggle was nominated to continue serving as mayor, and she received a unanimous 7-0 vote as no other council member was nominated. Riggle has now been appointed to four two-year terms as mayor.

The vote for vice mayor was not as straight forward, however. Jones nominated Kent Shafer, who currently serves as vice mayor, to continue doing so. Keller nominated Councilman George Hellinger for the vice mayor vote.

The ensuing vote was 4-3 in favor of Shafer, with Riggle serving as the tie-breaking vote. Keller and Farrell cast votes for Hellinger, as did Hellinger himself. Shafer voted for himself, as did Jones and Hoffman.

Following the administering of the oaths of office, Riggle welcomed the new members, saying, “Drew (Farrell) and Cory (Hoffman), I hope that you’re going to enjoy this as much as we’re going to enjoy having you with us.”

The seating arrangement for council members was rearranged to avoid having the two new members without council experience sitting together on one side. Riggle told Hoffman and Farrell that was done to provide them with the opportunity to have mentors sitting next to them.

“You’re not alone,” Riggle told Hoffman and Farrell. “We’re a team, and we’re going to move forward to move this city in the right direction. So, thank you, and welcome.”

“I’m very honored to be here,” Hoffman told council. “I look forward to learning from all the folks that have been here for a while and show me the ropes, and I hope to make everybody proud.”

Farrell said he was thankful for the welcoming he has received before adding, “I’m really excited to be here and to get started.”

Jones said he is looking forward to “a great couple of years,” and Keller echoed that sentiment while adding, “I look forward to working with our two new council members and, of course, (Riggle) again as mayor.”

The first council meeting under the new configuration will be held next Monday, Nov. 25, in the council chambers of City Hall. Meetings begin at 7 p.m.


By Dillon Davis

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