Powell officials set 2020 budget appropriations


Powell City Council approved the city’s 2020 budget during its meeting Tuesday. The budget, which will run through Dec. 31, 2020, was approved with a unanimous 7-0 vote.

Powell’s 2020 budget shows a grand total of $16,907,390.17 for all appropriations in the fiscal year. Of that grand total, $9,476,947.67 has been set for the city’s general fund, $3,566,740 for special revenue funds, $3,154,521.49 for debt services, and $709,181.01 for the capital projects fund.

A breakdown of the general fund shows a total of $3,378,890 for the police department, $3,088,090 of which is designated for personnel services.

Also shown in the general fund is a total of $1,036,885 for public services, $800,380 for park maintenance, and $710,350 for the finance department.

In the special revenue funds, $100,000 is shown for the municipal motor license fund, $2,972,320 for street maintenance repairs funding, $15,000 for state highway improvements, $121,000 for park development, and $342,320 for Parks and Recreation programming, among others.

Of the $3,154,521.49 total for debt services, $1,415,781.26 is shown for the “2002, 2008, and 2012 Liberty Community Infrastructure Finance Authority-Golf Village” debt service, and $874,880 is shown for the “2013 Voted Capital Improvement” debt service.

The capital projects fund shows $205,500 for “Downtown TIF Public Improvements,” $205,500 for the “Sawmill Corridor TIF” fund, $152,600 for “Seldom Seen TIF Public Improvements, and $124,200 in funding for sanitary sewer agreements.

City Manager Steve Lutz reminded council the budget as voted on is simply a reflection of the city’s needs as of that moment and can be modified at any time should it be needed.

“The proposed 2020 budget is strictly a status quo budget for the city,” he said. “Since we utilize appropriations, that means that throughout 2020, the city council can certainly add items or reduce items at their pleasure.”

Due to Lutz’s looming retirement pending the hire of a new city manager, city officials felt no significant policy or directions decisions should be made in regard to the budget until the new hire is in position.

A full breakdown of the budget can be seen on the city’s website by visiting cityofpowell.us.


By Dillon Davis

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