Powell City Council signs off on Harpers Pointe TIF


Powell City Council approved a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) agreement with Harpers Pointe Land Company LLC during its Tuesday meeting.

The development company owns approximately 8.75 acres west of Beech Ridge Drive and north of East Olentangy Street, and it is constructing 46 patio-style homes on the site, formerly a shooting range. A development plan for Harpers Pointe was approved by the Powell Planning and Zoning Commission back in April 2017.

As part of the TIF agreement, the developers are constructing public infrastructure improvements as part of the site. One of those improvements will be a 42-inch storm sewer to “alleviate long-term stormwater problems that have existed north of this subdivision,” City Manager Steve Lutz said.

In addition to the storm sewer, the developers will also construct a portion of a public road — Susan Lane — that will eventually be extended across the Powell Center plaza and connect to Grace Drive as part of the city’s “Keep Powell Moving” initiative.

Dave LaRue, a partner with the Harpers Pointe development, said Tuesday that the Susan Lane construction is “basically complete at this point,” minus the top paving, which he said will have to wait with the winter weather rolling in. As for the storm sewer, LaRue said the construction of the sewer “has reached its furthest northern point” and the work is now “turning east.”

“We are very close to schedule,” LaRue said. “We expect the storm sewer construction by the middle of February, pending the weather conditions.”

The original TIF proposal would have reimbursed the developers $919,500, but that total was since adjusted to an agreement for $950,000.

LaRue said a significant part of the reimbursement being increased has been due to the number of existing utilities along the site. Len Pivar, the owner of Arlington Homes and the Harpers Pointe site, said all of the lines were referred to as “spaghetti” by his foreman.

A nonschool TIF, the school district will still receive 100% of its property tax revenues.

LaRue said the property is currently undergoing site work, and he has submitted for the permits to put the sales trailer on the site. He said work on the model home will begin “very soon.”

“I’m really anxious for you guys to see it,” Pivar told council. “The houses have turned out outstanding, and I am extremely anxious to get the houses up so you can start to see what this place is going to look like. It’s going to be beautiful.”

Councilman Jon Bennehoof thanked everyone for their patience with the Harpers Pointe development, saying, “It’s been a long road to get to this point, with all the hurdles we both faced, independently and together. It’s going to be a great opportunity for the city, and I glad we’re finally at this stage.”


By Dillon Davis

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