Ohio Wesleyan adds new STEM major


Ohio Wesleyan University this fall is adding a new major in quantitative economics that prepares students to analyze economic issues, explore theories, and predict future conditions using statistical procedures and mathematical models.

Potential careers for quantitative economics majors include financial analyst, economic forecaster, investment banker, benefits analyst, and other jobs requiring workers skilled in interpreting, analyzing, and presenting data.

“We are seeing that students are seeking a stronger emphasis on the quantitative nature of analysis, and this major is partly a response to this,” said Goran Skosples, Ph.D., chair of OWU’s Department of Economics.

“The quantitative economics major incorporates a balance of economic theory, mathematical tools, and field applications, while emphasizing the development of analytical skills,” Skosples said. “Not only is the major attractive to potential employers, but it also is a strong choice for students planning to pursue graduate degrees in economics.”

Students will complete three sets of requirements for the major, said Skosples, a member of the Ohio Wesleyan faculty since 2006. Those requirements are:

• Economic theory courses that provide the tools needed for analyzing economic issues.

• Mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses that provide the skills needed for understanding economic theory and analyzing data.

• Field courses that apply economic tools to business, social, or specialized areas.

The students also will complete a quantitative capstone experience that enables them to explore an issue more deeply, gaining valuable hands-on research and analysis experience.

Skosples said Ohio Wesleyan’s newest major will have a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classification to align with its quantitative and analytic nature.

In addition to quantitative economics, Ohio Wesleyan’s Department of Economics and Business also offers majors in accounting, business administration (with concentrations in either management or marketing), economics, finance economics, international business, and management economics.

Learn more about the department and its offerings at www.owu.edu/economics. Explore Ohio Wesleyan’s complete list majors and minors at www.owu.edu/academics.

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