Township trustees approve speed limit for Steitz Road


The Liberty Township Board of Trustees on Monday approved setting a 35 miles per hour speed limit for two portions of Steitz Road.

The first revision sets the speed limit at 35 mph “between Rutherford Road and the south corporation line for the city of Powell,” states the resolution. The other revision is 35 mph on Steitz Road “between the north corporation line for the city of Powell and Home Road.”

Steitz Road is a north-south road located between Riverside Drive and Sawmill Parkway. It starts north from Hyatts Road and ends south at Rutherford Road.

“Steitz Road is currently unposted,” the resolution states. The speed limit is being requested “to provide a consistent speed limit to the traveling public.”

The trustees received the speed limit requests from the Delaware County Engineer’s Office (DCEO). Trustees discussed it briefly during the meeting, and a member of the public commented that they approved lowering the speed limit because Steitz Road “is becoming very dangerous.”

Formally, the legislation requests the director of ODOT to declare the revisions to the speed limit, and then the township “shall promptly erect standard signs properly posted and giving notice thereof.”

Trustees also approved a resolution to authorize spending $125,000 to begin a slip repair project on West Orange Road after requesting assistance on embankment issues.

There were also six park use and maintenance agreements that were approved for local and state sports organizations at the township’s Havener, Patriot and South Liberty parks.

Adam Howard, of the Delaware General Health District, gave trustees an update on the coronavirus respiratory illness outbreak, although he cautioned, “Anything I say today could be outdated tomorrow.” He did recommend residents get flu shots, however.

In other business, the township hired Peter N. Griggs and the law firm of Brosius, Johnson & Griggs, LLC to represent it in 2020.

Also, John Hartman was re-appointed as an alternate on the Liberty Township Zoning Commission through Jan. 31, 2021.

The intersection of Steitz and Home roads in Liberty Township. intersection of Steitz and Home roads in Liberty Township. Gary Budzak | The Gazette Budzak | The Gazette

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