Delaware Twp. Hall still closed


Concerns over COVID-19 have caused the cancellation of reservations and rentals at the Delaware Township Hall.

“Trustee Randy Ormeroid suggested that since the coronavirus has created so many cancellations and closings, we stop renting the township hall for the time being,” states the minutes of the March 19 meeting. “Trustees agreed this is a good idea.” During a special meeting on March 25, it was noted that all reservations had been cancelled.

The township’s website confirms the hall remains unavailable until further notice.

The trustees on March 25 also approved a motion to provide documentation that Road Superintendent Larry Starling “is working on official business during this COVID-19 transition period.”

The minutes state, “During this time of COVID-19 heightened awareness, the county workers are required to carry a document with them to verify they are out working in an official capacity. Randy suggested we prepare a letterhead document for Larry to carry with him to verify his work status.”

In the Jan. 20 meeting notes, Starling had “received an email from an Orange Township resident wanting lights and a marked crosswalk on Walker Woods Boulevard to the school. She was referred to the Orange Township trustees.”

Starling has also added berm stone in recent months to Braumiller, Hudson, Kingsbury and Curve roads.

Speaking of Curve Road, Delaware Township Trustee Roger Van Sickle was authorized to purse a joint speed limit study with Berlin Township. Van Sickle spoke with Berlin Trustee Ron Bullard, who was in favor of the effort. In March, data was being gathered for the study.

In addition, there was discussion on grinding the center line of Curve Road for 0.8 miles. The township’s share would cost $6,500. The project was scheduled to be presented to the Delaware County Engineer.

In February, trustees approved a ditch project for Armstrong and Pollock roads for $16,624.60. They also talked about doing a study on a drainage problem on Hudson Road.

“The city (of Delaware) is going to install the new curve signs on Curtis Street, Pollock Road and Armstrong Road,” the township’s March 19 minutes states. “They need them to comply with state regulations, and since we provided the signs, they agreed to do the installation.”

At the January meeting, Hull Drive resident Bill O’Sullivan said he was concerned about speeding on the road and asked if a stop sign could be placed at the corner. Ormeroid said the county speed limit is not working. Van Sickle said the county engineer said they cannot use a stop sign to control speed. Trustee Kevin Hennessy told O’Sullivan to contact the Delaware County sheriff with any issues.

Lastly, Zoning Inspector Jerry Schweller met with Jim Gill of Chesrown late last year about his intent to tear down a house on Hull Drive and build a parking lot for the automobile dealership. The January minutes state, “His intent is the same as presented at a meeting on May 15, 2019, attended by Roger. Jerry contacted Gill’s attorney, Mike Shade, and was told Jim will need 10 signatures, due to deed restrictions, before they can move ahead with a zoning change.”

Many yards on Hull Drive have signs requesting drivers slow down. yards on Hull Drive have signs requesting drivers slow down. Gary Budzak | The Gazette

Delaware Township Hall is located at 2590 Liberty Road in Delaware. Township Hall is located at 2590 Liberty Road in Delaware. Joshua Keeran | The Gazette

By Gary Budzak

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