Deputy: It’s been a good ride


Friday marked the final day of Deputy Brian Carter’s long career of public service, which included 20 years at the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Carter said his public service career began in California, where he was born, when he worked on a hotshot crew putting out forest fires.

“That was the foundation of learning the responsibility and hard work of being a public servant,” Carter said. “That was my pride and joy. It was hard work, dangerous work, and respectful work at a young age.”

Carter moved to Ohio in 1984 and starting working for a trucking company before taking a job with the Ohio Department of Youth Services at a maximum security facility. Carter said in 1996 he went to work in a probation position for the City of Whitehall, where he eventually became a reserve police officer.

He took a job at the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in 2000 after a friend recommended the position to him. In his time with the office, Carter has served on the U.S. Marshal’s task force and on the Delaware County Tactical Team as a tactical driver. He has been an academy instructor, recruiter and interview board member. Along with working stints in the warrants division, Carter also served as an officer in charge for years.

“I’ve had numerous responsibilities here,” Carter said. “I’ve had a dream career here.”

Carter said he enjoyed working as deputy and didn’t push for an officer position.

“It was rewarding,” he said. “I decided not to take exams. I was comfortable with where I was at and my family situation.”

Carter said the biggest thing that has changed in the 20 years he’s been on the job is technology and communications.

“I miss the human touch, it was more hands on,” he said. “It was before emails and social media. I remember just being in touch a lot more. I learned this county without having MapQuest, by having a hand map and just driving the roads. I miss stopping into shops and mom and pop operations.”

Carter also works as a rancher, where he raises horses and some cattle. After his retirement, Carter said he’s going to be putting more time in on the ranch.

“It keeps me busy,” he said. “I’m just kind of having fun with it now. There’s enough work on my ranch to keep me busy for a little while.”

Carter said the thing he’ll miss most about the sheriff’s office is the people he’s worked with.

“I will miss the relationships that were forged,” he said. “I have the best coworkers in the world. I’ve worked with some guys I will dearly miss. I’ve had the opportunity to change lives and save lives. It’s been remarkable.”

Carter added he always considered himself “a bridge” to others and said it didn’t matter who they were or where they came from because he would look out for them.

“I can be a foundation for someone, be a friend or a protector,” Carter said.

Looking back, Carter said he’s thankful for his time at the DCSO.

“If I had to look back and say something it would be, ‘Thanks,’” Carter said. “Thanks to Delaware for the opportunity for me to have a platform and be part of the world. I’ve been a part of something, and I give thanks for that. It’s been a good ride.”

Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Carter stands next to his cruiser in 2013. Friday was Carter’s last day with the office, where he worked since 2000. County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Carter stands next to his cruiser in 2013. Friday was Carter’s last day with the office, where he worked since 2000. Tracy Whited | Delaware County Sheriff’s Office
Carter retires after 20 years with DCSO

By Glenn Battishill

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