Berkshire Township is ready for winter


GALENA — Berkshire Township said it is ready for the winter in its recently-issued holiday newsletter.

“Snow is coming!” the newsletter said. “Your township is prepared. The salt barn is full, and the equipment is ready.”

Most importantly, Berkshire purchased a new 2021 Freightliner snow plow truck. The township said the new model “replaces a 2008 that was starting to need significant repairs.”

The township is reminding residents to not park on the street when there is 2 inches or more of snow, and to move portable basketball hoops back away from the road. “You can help by trimming your street tree back so that it will not cause damage to snow plows, school buses, fire trucks and delivery vehicles,” the newsletter said.

The township maintains about 58 miles of roadway, with a roads staff of two full-time employees, and one on-call, as-needed employee.

The “Farmers’ Almanac” is predicting a “cold, very flaky” winter season for Ohio. However, the National Weather Service is saying there is “equal chances of warmer-than-normal, near-normal, and colder-than-normal” temperatures, and “wetter-than-normal” precipitation.

“This does not necessarily imply that this winter will end up being snowier-than-normal,” read the winter 2020-21 outlook, updated on Nov. 19.

In other news, the township office on Rome Corners Road “is closed due to the state of Ohio’s public health orders regarding COVID-19. All public meetings are suspended until Jan. 11, 2021.”

The Berkshire Township Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals both have a vacancy, each are five-year terms. For more information, call Township Administrator Kevin Vaughn at 740-965-2992. The township also wishes to meet with homeowners associations “and be a resource for your community.”

The newsletter also made mention of what’s new in Berkshire Township. Motorists in the area know that Chipotle opened along routes 36/37 and Fourwinds Drive. However, “since the first of October, the township has written 49 new permits, 30 of these are for new homes. The balance is primarily for pools and decks.”

In development news, the township said, “We have signed the final development plan for Wiltshire Neighborhood. There will be 52 building lots and some of the rear lots overlook the wetland area and the Northstar Golf Course.”

Berkshire’s trustees last met on Nov. 9, and it was streamed on Facebook. The meeting included an executive session, and when emerging from the session, a regular meeting attendee asked about the purpose of the session. “The trustees were discussing the need and proposal for an improved security system at the township hall,” the minutes read.

Berkshire Township’s new truck is this 2021 Freightliner. Township’s new truck is this 2021 Freightliner. Courtesy photo

By Gary Budzak

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Gary Budzak may be reached at 740-413-0906 or on Twitter @GaryBudzak.

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