Powell City Council seeking input from residents via survey


Over the course of the past 10 years, the City of Powell has utilized community surveys as a tool to remain in step with its residents. That tool will again be utilized in 2021 as Powell City Council on Tuesday authorized City Manager Andrew White to enter into a contract agreement with Saperstein and Associates to conduct another survey.

The Community Attitude Survey interviews a cross-section of approximately 400 registered voters throughout the community, and each interview spans approximately 18 minutes. Following the completion of the surveys, a summary of the findings will be prepared and presented to council.

In 2018, following the completion of the most recent survey and during the presentation of the findings to council, Saperstein Associates President Marty Saperstein said of the study, “This survey gives the community at large an opportunity and a quantifiable way to share their opinions with you.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Tom Counts said the current circumstances, while unfortunate, make for the perfect time to do the phone interviews.

“If there was ever a time that people would be home, it’s right now. So, they’re either going to answer the phone or they’re not,” Counts said.

As part of the agreement, Saperstein has agreed to consult with council to revise the questionnaire given in 2018 to ensure the questions are relevant to the current climate of the city. Questions on the upcoming survey could include an evaluation of the city’s response to the pandemic.

The cost to the city to conduct the Community Attitude Survey will be $23,250.

“I’m an avid supporter of the survey process,” Councilman Jon Bennehoof said Tuesday. “It’s been in place during my entire tenure. I find a lot of value in it. I find Marty and his organization to be consummate professionals, very thorough and helpful, and they provide excellent guidance. I think that the survey can provide us the guidance that we need and express to our community our commitment to the community for wanting their input.”


By Dillon Davis

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