Berlin Township aiming to keep up with development


It’s been a busy year thus far for officials in Berlin Township.

During a Berlin Township Zoning Commission (BZC) meeting held Jan. 12, Chairperson Steve Flaherty said, “Much has been accomplished recently, and there will be many things evolving in the township over the next several years,” meeting minutes read. “He said the next meeting could be used as a townhall-type of meeting. He would like the BZC to be proactive and set goals in order to keep up with development. Some of the ambiguity that has been found in the zoning resolution could be resolved. The BZC could discuss feedback they have received from residents and where they would like to be.”

This process had started two years ago, it was said, and goals should be discussed around the Berlin Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan. It was noted the referendum period was about to lapse on the business park articles of the zoning code. Lastly, Flaherty said the Marina at Alum Creek was approved for a state-of-the-art update.

The planned meeting of BZC goals took place on Jan. 26. Among the topics of discussion was agribusiness, solar farms/windmills, pond headwalls and endwalls, trails and parks, ambiguities in the zoning resolution, stop signs, electronic signs and implications of the business park. The meeting was described as more of a brainstorming session.

The Berlin Township Board of Trustees met virtually on Jan. 11. Trustee Tom D’Amico said work needs to be done on getting the identification and location of all plots in Fairview Cemetery.

Fiscal Officer Claudia Smith recommended using HR Butler for the employee payroll system, which the trustees approved.

The trustees approved Dave Riepenhoff to develop a policy regarding worker’s compensation claims for the township.

The trustees approved $90,807 to purchase a Peterbilt snow plow truck, plus up to $80,000 to the Dexter Company to outfit the truck. Trustee Chairman Ron Bullard and O’Brien are looking into a new storage building.

It was also said the estimated population of the township is 8,198.

Lastly, Bullard, Angela Brown, Christina Littleton, Meghan Raehll and Kristen Yorko (licensed engineer) were appointed to the Architecture Design Review Board. Smith stated that Brown wants to continue on the BZC. D’Amico will talk with the other two members and ask them if they would like to extend their term.

The trustees also met on Jan. 25.

Tim Foor said, “A statement needs to be made as to what the township is specifically responsible for in regard to Fairview Cemetery, along with possible solutions to problems that are occurring.” He also felt ground-penetrating radar would be needed to know where things are located in the cemetery.

The trustees would like to establish an advisory Trails and Recreation Committee, although it was understood there is only $2,255 in the park fund. The trustees approved an electricity contract with Energy Harbor through an aggregation with Trebel LLC.

By Gary Budzak

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