Professor to examine ins, outs of Brexit


Friday’s session of the Delaware Great Decisions Series, which will take place virtually at noon, will focus on Brexit and the European Union.

Yannis Stivachtis, a political science professor who holds the Jean Monnet chair position at Virginia Tech, will present Friday’s program.

Stivachtis received his master’s degree along with a Ph.D. in politics: international relations and strategic studies at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. His bachelor’s degree with distinction was completed at Panteion University in Greece. His broad range of research includes a focus on the European Union, European organizations, and a study of the international system/society in Europe.

What is Brexit? What is behind it? Stivachtis will offer a presentation on a number of dimensions of the Brexit process, including explaining the referendum results and the forces and factions at work that brought about this movement.

Stivachtis will address various questions surrounding the topic: Was this a good decision, the right thing to do? Was the vote to leave “a heroic act” as some have suggested, or does this outcome not bode well for the future of Great Britain and Europe?

The community is invited to join the online Zoom discussions by registering in advance at

The Great Decisions program, a free community discussion series, is designed to encourage debate and discussion of the role of the United States in world affairs. The program provides materials that help people reach informed opinions on issues and encourages them to participate in the foreign-policy process.


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Information for this story was provided by Rev. Ward “Skip” Cornett, who serves as chair of the Delaware Great Decisions program.

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