Delaware County leads in vaccination rate


Congratulations, Delaware County: You lead the state of Ohio in terms of the percentage of people who have started on the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine dashboard, 72,825 Delaware County residents have started on the vaccine, or 34.82% of the population. Delaware leads the state, and a couple other counties have more than 30% who have started. Of those who have started, 39,614 Delaware County residents have completed getting the vaccine, or almost 19% of the population. A couple of Ohio’s 88 counties have more than 20% who have completed getting the vaccine.

Compare those percentages with the state of Ohio, where 3,276,391 people have started on the vaccine, or 28% of the population. Of those, 1,876,899 have completed getting the vaccine, or 16% of the population.

As of Monday, the Delaware Public Health District is reporting it has received 18,700 total doses of the COVID-19 vaccine so far, up from 17,000 last week. Of those received, 16,860 have been administered so far, with 1,053 doses reserved for this week’s clinics. There are 4,616 upcoming appointments, up more than a thousand from a week ago.

Ninety percent of doses received have been used, down slightly over the past two weeks, the DPHD said.

In addition, the district has issued a chart comparing the three vaccines being used in Ohio — Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer.

“Wondering which vaccine is best for you?” the district posted on Facebook March 25. “In an effort to protect public health and yourself, we believe that you should take the shot if given the opportunity no matter the manufacturer.”

The district’s appointment link, where eligible individuals may make an appointment or register to be placed on a short notice list, can be found at The DPHD also has a vaccine frequently-asked questions link at…/03/Vaccine-FAQ-3.8.21.pdf.

Also on Monday, Gov. Mike DeWine “has announced that Ohioans 16 and older will become eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine under Phase 2D of Ohio’s vaccination program,” the ODH said. For more information, visit

“President Biden announces 90% of the adult U.S. population will be eligible for vaccination and 90% will have a vaccination site within 5 miles of home by April 19,” the White House said on Monday.

“The cases of COVID-19 are once again on the rise,” said the COVID-19 Response Team at a press briefing on Monday. “In the meantime, we are vaccinating the country as quickly as humanly possible, now averaging 2.7 million vaccinations over the last seven days.”

As of Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said more than 180.6 million vaccine doses have been delivered in the U.S., and more than 145.8 million doses have been administered. More than 95 million Americans have received at least one dose, or 28.6% of the total population, and more than 52 million Americans are fully vaccinated, or 15.8% of the total population.

The Johns Hopkins University of Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center said New Mexico is the state that has the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated at 22.12%. Alaska and South Dakota also have more than 20% of its population fully vaccinated, with Ohio in 26th place.

By sheer numbers, however, Ohio is in 7th place in those who are fully vaccinated in the U.S. California continues to lead the nation with nearly 5.8 million people getting both shots.

The Associated Press reported on Monday, “A joint World Health Organization-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a lab leak of the coronavirus is ‘extremely unlikely.’”

This chart compares the three COVID-19 vaccines being used in Ohio chart compares the three COVID-19 vaccines being used in Ohio Courtesy Chart | DPHD

By Gary Budzak

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