Largest subdivision in Delaware to expand by 44 homes


The Communities at Glenross is nearing completion, and during Monday’s Delaware City Council meeting, a final development plan and final subdivision plat for Section 14 of the subdivision was approved, leaving just four sections still remaining to be reviewed by the city.

Glenross represents the city’s largest subdivision governed by a single homeowners association. Original planning for the subdivision dates back to 2006 when the land was annexed into the city for Glenross North.

Section 14 at Glenross will include 44 more homes on just under 27 acres located on the south side of Cheshire Road, west of Winterbourne Drive, and east of Glenross Golf Club. Per the approved development text for the sections south of Cheshire Road, the homes will be a minimum lot area of 10,400 square feet; house sizes will be a minimum of 2,000 square feet.

Winterbourne Drive will serve as the primary access point to Section 14, which will connect to four different roads running through the section in Harvest Walk Loop, Solar Wind Road and West Wind Road.

The development of Glenross south of Cheshire Road began in 2016 when council approved an amendment to the zoning and development text, as well as amendments to the preliminary development plan and preliminary subdivision plat for 487 single-family lots on approximately 210 acres to become sections 11-22 of the Communities at Glenross. Sections 11 and 12 were approved in 2017, with Sections 15, 13, and 16 being subsequently approved in recent years.

Most recently, sections 17 and 19 of the subdivision were approved by council last month, which included a total of 63 homes on approximately 19 acres of land.

Following council’s approval Monday of Section 14, only four sections of the Communities at Glenross have yet to be presented to the city for final approval: 18, 20, 21, and 22.

Pictured is an illustrative site plan for section 14 in the Communities at Glenross subdivision in Delaware. is an illustrative site plan for section 14 in the Communities at Glenross subdivision in Delaware. Courtesy image | City of Delaware

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