New division focused on deliquent taxpayers


Delaware County Treasurer Donald E. Rankey Jr. recently announced the creation of a special division to pursue and recover delinquent property taxes.

As treasurer, Rankey is responsible for collecting real estate taxes.

According to Rankey:

• There are more than 950 parcels in Delaware County that are delinquent on property taxes.

• The total amount of delinquent property taxes exceeds $7 million.

• There are several delinquencies in Delaware County between $50,000 and $220,000.

• Some parcels have delinquent taxes dating back to 2007.

“This is simply unacceptable for Delaware County,” Rankey said. “We have properties in Delaware County that are 13 years behind on their taxes. We certainly don’t want to take action against property owners, and we will try to work with them, but these delinquencies are not fair to schools, the Delaware Area Career Center, the Delaware Public Health District, and other entities that rely on those dollars.”

Rankey said he is creating the Revenue Recovery Division within the treasurer’s office. Its sole purpose is the pursuit of delinquent property taxes and referring delinquent parcels to the county prosecutor to initiate the foreclosure process.

Delaware Attorney Jeffrey H. Jordan, who has dedicated much of his professional career to collections and creditors’ rights, has been named the director of the Revenue Recovery Division.

“Jeffrey brings a nice blend of experience to the position,” Rankey said. “He understands the law, has years of practical experience, and possesses an acute understanding of property tax collections. He will be my point person for this very important division.”

Jordan will work 32 hours a week for the treasurer’s office.

Doug Crew, who has been with the treasurer’s office for 12 years, will serve as senior deputy treasurer for the Revenue Recovery Division.

“Doug is our numbers guy. He understands the system and can help keep the division heading in the right direction,” Rankey said. “I think it’s important to understand that we are not without heart at the treasurer’s office. It is not our goal to recommend foreclosure actions. Our goal is to collect property taxes. I have every confidence that this new unit will do just that.”



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