Genoa Twp. trustee to seek reelection


WESTERVILLE — Genoa Township Trustee Connie M. Goodman announced Tuesday she will run for reelection in November.

Goodman was appointed to fill a trustee vacancy in 2017. She was then elected to a full four-year term that expires at the end of the year, and she has twice been chairperson of the Genoa Township Board of Trustees. In addition, she has served on the Communication, Finance, Fire/EMS and Parks Advisory committees as a trustee. Originally from Minnesota, Goodman has been a Genoa resident since 2005.

Prior to becoming a trustee, Goodman served on Genoa Twp. Board of Zoning Appeals, Genoa Twp. Zoning Commission, as well as levy committees for fire/EMS, police, roads and bridges. After 31 years at The Ohio State University, she retired in 2015 as assistant registrar for Academic Records.

In her announcement, Goodman said her top priorities as trustee are three-fold: supporting the fire/EMS and police departments; fiscal responsibility; and enhancing amenities.

“Genoa Township residents care about their township, as evidenced by their continued support of levies and most recently the bond levy to build a new police station,” Goodman said. “Past surveys have shown their approval of the way our township is governed. We also have a dedicated, high quality staff to carry out our everyday operations. I’m committed to preserving this excellent standard of service to our residents by being open-minded, transparent, and lawful in my actions as trustee.”

There are more than 25,000 residents in Genoa Township, consisting of more than 8,000 households, the township’s website notes. Its zip codes, 43021 and 43082, are considered two of the wealthiest in central Ohio. The “Demographics” tab said the median household income is $115,311, and the median home value is $325,825.

Located in southeast Delaware County, Genoa Township was founded in 1816 and is named after the Italian city and birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Much of its area surrounds Hoover Reservoir, which began to be constructed in 1953. At the time, that was considered controversial, but is now a reason to reside there. In fact, Genoa’s motto is “A Nice Place to Live.” Genoa Township tripled in population between 1998-2003, the website said. Today, it has 50 neighborhoods/subdivisions.

The township’s other trustees are Board Chair Karl Gebhardt, who recently announced he will not seek reelection, and Vice Chair Renee Vaughan, who was elected in 2020, and whose term expires in 2023.


By Gary Budzak

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