Voters elect 3 newcomers to BV Board of Education


During Tuesday’s election, voters elected three newcomers to the Buckeye Valley Board of Education.

Eight candidates ran for three seats on the board. They included three incumbent board members — Justin Osborn, Jamie Ottery and Randy Turner — and five challengers: Tom Ailabouni, Donald Dicke, Tammy Lilly, Jeni Reely and April Scowden.

According to the unofficial results from the Delaware County Board of Elections, Ailabouni, Dicke and Scowden emerged victorious. Dicke won his seat with 2,175 (20.59%) votes, Scowden won her seat with 1738 (16.46%) votes , and Ailabouni won his seat with 1,630 (15.43%) votes. As for the incumbents, Ottery received 1,357 (12.85%) votes; Turner had 1,225 (11.60%) votes; and Osborn had 1077 (10.20%) votes. Rounding out the eight candidates were Lilly with 892 (8.45%) votes and Reely with 468 (4.43%) votes.

The new board members will start their four-year terms in 2022.

“I’m humbled and grateful for the community to entrust me with such an important role,” Dicke said. “It was a great pool of candidates. I’m excited to work with the administration at BV to continue and grow BVs legacy of excellence on all levels.”

Scowden said Wednesday she is excited to collaborate with current and future administration at BV.

“I look forward to being a healthy bridge and voice for the community and look forward to working together with the current and future administration,” she said. “I’m excited to serve the BV community in a different capacity.”

Scowden said one of the biggest tasks ahead for the board will be selecting a new superintendent to replace Dr. Andy Miller.

“The most important job for the first term will be selecting a superintendent to replace the wonderful one we currently have. They are big shoes to fill, and (I) want to make sure we take the time needed to find his replacement,” Scowden said.

Ailabouni said Tuesday night “the voters decided who will be doing the fighting for them.”

“I appreciate everyone’s support, and I will not let them down,” Ailabouni said. “Now that the three members have been chosen, the work will begin. As soon as Nov. 4 we have a big school board meeting. Parents and students need to show up to these meetings and show the board how much they care and how they feel about what is happening in our schools.”

Ailabouni said he’s looking forward to working with Scowden and Dicke.

“I think the voters did a fine job picking people who will truly represent them,” Ailabouni said. “Both of the other candidates who won care deeply about their community. I am honored to have been chosen with them.”

Ailabouni also thanked the other candidates, including the three incumbents.

“I want to thank the other five candidates who ran,” Ailabouni said. “Although we did not see eye-to-eye on all subjects, they are all fine people who care about our children. I want to thank Justin Osborne, Jamie Ottery and Randy Turner for their service to our community. Not only on the school board but in the classroom, on the field, at Boy Scout meetings, and in so many other ways.”




By Glenn Battishill

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