Preschooler claims twirling prize


A Delaware preschooler was recently named the 2022 Tiny Tot World’s Most Beautiful Majorette after competing in a World Twirling Association pageant last month.

Molly Thibodeau, 5, is a member of the local baton and dance group Angel’s Hi-Steppers in Delaware. She traveled to Montpelier, Ohio, in November to take part in the competition. Jessica Thibodeau, Molly’s mother, said the competition consisted of three events: baton twirling; strutting, which involves keeping time and correct posture with music; and best appearing, which Thibodeau described as similar to modeling.

Thibodeau added that after taking part in all three of the events, contestants had all their scores combined for an overall winner, and Molly emerged as the 2022 Tiny Tot World’s Most Beautiful Majorette.

“It was really exciting,” Thibodeau said. “It was her first year even doing this event. It took a lot of courage for her to get out there and be in front of so many people.”

Thibodeau said Molly qualified for the world pageant in April at a local contest in Louisville, Ohio, and said that to qualify, Molly had to place in one of the top two positions in an advanced modeling event wearing a pageant dress. Molly also won the local qualifier contest.

Molly said she wasn’t too nervous for the competition.

“I feel happy that I get to be a queen,” she said. “I was excited.”

Molly won a large trophy, a banner and a tiara.

Thibodeau said she’s proud of her daughter for all the effort she put into the competition.

“It took a lot of practice,” Thibodeau said. “I was just proud of her and her dedication to practicing. I wanted her to try her best and do her best, and she did and she won.”

Molly said she enjoyed the competition and is looking forward to competing again.

Thibodeau added Molly and her sister, Ellie, 9, both won titles in the World Twirling Association Miss Holiday pageant where they had to compete in fancy best appearing, perform a strut routine, and perform a solo baton routine. Ellie was first runner-up in the World’s Most Beautiful Majorette pageant.

The sisters will compete next on Feb. 6.

By Glenn Battishill

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